NYU ITP: If Products Could Speak Class 8 The Labor Movement

We talk about that which is not documented in LCA – human impacts beyond just health. Social impacts are the 3rd leg of the triple bottom line, that which cannot be easily measured. Today’s class: A little history of the labor movement, activism to expose overseas factory conditions, leading to a rousing discussion on the pros and cons of fair trade. We’ll also do in-class life cycle assessment.

LCA with Jacob Madsen

LCA Learning Group: LCA is not for Wimps!
Learn about LCA from Jacob Madsen
Date: Thursday April 2nd
Time: 6:00 – 8:00 PM
Venue: Smart Design
601 W 26th Street, Suite 182

Jacob Madsen
Energy and Climate Change

LIfe cycle analysis often generates surprising findings, telling us which product is greener. The Hummer or the Prius? Cotton diapers or disposable? Paper or Plastic?
Join us for one of the leading LCA experts. Jacob Madsen works for ERM and is an expert in Life Cycle Analysis, and was instrumental in building SimaPro, one of the leading software tools for conducting “hard core” LCAs.

For those that attended an Intro to LCA with Lloyd Hicks, you are already familiar with his work. Jacob was one of the people behind the recent LCA study of Tropicana, and other famous studies comparing cloth diapers to disposables, or revealing the true lifecycle costs of a pair of men’s boxers for Marks and Spencer. Jacob will share his practice with the o2NYC community.