Best of Strata: Data is Not a Business Model

Update July 2, 2013: My talk is now available on YouTube:


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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

5 AM San Francisco | 1pm – London | 8am – New York | 10pm – Sydney | 9pm – Tokyo | 8pm – Beijing | 5:30pm – Mumbai

Big data does not necessarily lead to big business outcomes. It is a rare business leader who even asks the biggest questions of what big data can do. Everyone is looking for ways to define data as an asset that can be monetized. But data itself will never move the needle for the Fortune 1000. Data is a means to an end. The end is not just insight, or knowledge, or brief moments of wisdom (when marveling at gorgeous data visualizations). The end we seek is wise action.

Looking at examples from health care, advertising, open government, publishing, and financial services, I will contrast the current approaches of big data business models with a more innovative, scalable, and effective action-oriented approach.

I will outline the key pitfalls data geeks fall prey to, and how you are most certainly too smart for your own good when talking to us MBAs. I will show how your service can deliver evidence-based decision-making to the people that matter on the front lines, and at the highest levels of the organization. I will also show you how to design data services that get people to care about their jobs, and their contribution to their company goals.

This talk will help anyone who is tasked with determining how to get more business action out of data.

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My original presentation slides are available on Slideshare.

And I’ll be at StrataRx this coming September.

Lean LaunchPad Educators Program

I’m at the Lean LaunchPad Educators Program – Steve Blank’s entrepreneurship curriculum delivered to 90+ educators around the world. I’m here thanks to the efforts of NYU to cultivate entrepreneurship across the school, with ITP as a potentially ideal place to adopt the methods.

We are all entrepreneurship-leaning educators at the grad and undergrad level, and there are a number of regional accelerators and incubators who teach methods. The best components of this program: the course materials, curriculum, handbooks for teaching are all available publicly, with back up video support and class room examples. Underwritten by the NCIIA, a not for profit organization that has also funded this approach to be delivered to National Science Foundation grantees. It is available here: Lean LaunchPad Educators Program.

But the richest conversations are occurring amongst participants who have adopted or are considering a Lean LaunchPad approach. Hopefully today we will get into the following topics:

  • Adapting Lean LaunchPad for Social Entrepreneurship.
  • The perceived conflict between Design Thinking  and Lean – the perception that design approaches “take too long” was shared by Steve Blank – yet Eric Reis and others have referenced design thinking approaches as part of the core building blocks of lean startup.
  • Adapting Lean LaunchPad for startups in regulated industries – where does FDA fit into to a medical device or mHealth startup.
  • Recognition that the educator techniques borrow from Art and Design school methods of critique, and classroom dynamics shift from the professor as pedagogue to a team learning approach. Charrette-style.

Looking forward to today’s discussions.