Business model design

If Products Could Speak – Would They Say “SendMeHome”?

Always looking for Spime ideas that do not rely on a mega infrastructure of sensors and data networks – like this simple concept SendMeHome via TechCrunch. It’s a site that let’s you register an object with a unique code, and they sell little stickers you can place on the object. Oooh, a business model that does not rely on advertising, but on sticker micropayment. The service sees two primary applications for these stickers:

1. A lost and found function that tells the finder where to return the iPhone, Paddington Bear, or other treasured object.

2. A story telling function as people pass objects around the world and people tell their stories- A nice idea for things that wind up on eBay.

There’s no grand Utopian environmental mission from SendMeHome, but it does provide a way to add sentimental data to objects, thereby increasing their social capital.