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Resources for NYU ITP Pitchfest Prep Participants

All art projects, small businesses, collectives, social/eco impact without huge financial growth expectations, and hardware/hardgoods-based businesses that do not leverage the social graph in any way – we love you. And we are creating another series of events for you to help you get your ideas into the world.

As for those whose ideas are potential concepts for NY-style VC investors, here are some links for you to prepare:

Dave McClure’s visually cheesy but useful “How to pitch a VC” – warning: suggestive cat photos.

Fred Wilson describes a “how to pitch a product.”

Duke Fuqua School of Business Start up Challenge – warning: lots of Duke school spirit.

Naval Ravinkant has lots of advice.

And this great pitch outline we will discuss in the pitch clinic today.

From ReadWriteWeb: A trove of resources including the David Rose TED Talk:
The Art of the VC Pitch: A Roundup of Advice from 6 VCs.

Finally (and mentioned in the above article) check out the VCs we have invited – know what kind of companies they have invested in, so that you don’t waste your time educating them about things they know more deeply than yourself. They know ITP. They understand social topologies, network effects, game layers. Spend more time showing off your idea with screenshots, demo, or better yet – traction – a thriving and fast growing community of super users!

Thanks @ehuddleston and @bradkenney for your suggestions.