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Amazon, Facebook, and Alphabet Acquisitions! Each tech giant moves with different strategies as they scoop up rivals, talent, and make big moves.   Key takeaways: Apple looks for value and high signal steps Google and Facebook scoop up many tiny companies for talent and also to prevent rivals Google and Facebook have slowed their acquisitions in 2019 with looming threats Facebook just added their name to Instagram to further cement Read More

Facebook FY 2018 Free Business Model Advice for Mark Z.

This is the second in the Tech Titans Series. Sign up to get the most recent Tech Titans and upcoming reports. We turn our attention to Facebook’s 2018 Year End financials. Did you give up Facebook after the privacy, democracy, and lobbying issues Facebook faced last year? Well, you didn’t put a dent in their financials. Yet as Facebook turns 15 this year, let’s give some free business model advice Read More