Jen van der Meer

When N = All

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Open Data and the Future for Startups I’m at Startupfest Montreal today – come join me to talk about The Future of Open Data: Startup festopendata lightning_vandermeer from Jen van der Meer The rise of open data sets released onto the public commons has accelerated the birth of new industries, and new companies. Emerging as […]

Jen’s High Res Photo

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For events and public speaking: Jen’s Short Bio: Jen is the Founder and CEO of Reason Street, where she helps companies find the right business models to make the greatest impact. A former Wall Street analyst and economist, Jen has practiced an approach that is equal parts data-driven and creative to understand and apply the opportunities […]

NYU ITP: If Products Could Tell Their Stories, Class 2 2010

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Is consumer behavior an effective lever to change the system for better environmental outcomes? If Products Could February 1 2010 B from Jen van der Meer

NYU ITP: If Products Could Speak Class 7 Biodiversity

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Week of April 6th – looking at biodiversity depletion. That sounds too nice. Biodiversity depletion. We’re talking about plants, mammals, fish, birds, and other species going extinct. Never existing again. And what that has to do with making things.   If Products Could Speak April 6 from Jen van der Meer

Can Smart Meters Drive Behavior Change

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Beyond just changing light bulbs and cutting vampire supply power sources, people are more likely to make higher impact change if they understand the total energy output of their homes. Enter smart meter visualizations. The Wattson has been the premier example of a smart meter – a beautiful object that tells you in pounds (it’s […]