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Tech Titans for Busy People 1Q2022 Alphabet Amazon Apple Meta MSFT

Tech Titans 1Q2022 at the Precipice How are the Tech Titans competing for time and attention of people who work for the titans, and everyone else who just participates in the world they are shaping for us to live inside? The Tech Titans take stock of aggressive recent growth and prepare for what’s next.

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Tech Titans for Busy People Q3 Facebook

If You Blink You Might Miss the Tech Titans We’re still hearing a tale of two Facebooks One in the media and Regulatory threats all doom and gloom. The other and financial performance with – big news – a big of flatness on the financial front. So look closely at what’s being recommended by the Whistleblower Frances Haugen who briefly worked at Facebook long enough to capture a treasure trove of Read More

Introducing the Capital Library

  I started the Reason Street Business Model Library for a specific need: I wanted to give advice that I had wished I had received when I started companies. I am launching the Reason Street Capital Library today for the type of options I wished I had when I started these same companies because there is a whole new world of capital types available to entrepreneurs. The Razor/Razorblade that Started it All I had Read More

Tech Giants q12021

Gobsmacking zonkers results for Google   Alphabet v. Facebook     Amazon Last Tech Titan of the week did not disappoint. Amazon crushed it and Bezos thinks about employees and the time value of our customer shopping behavior – a true moment of reflection as the founder and CEO prepares to step down. What is your time worth during the pandemic?

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Are Business Models Changing Our Relationships?

Now over at Substack for the latest Noticing how digital business models, in particular, are mediating all of my interactions now that all interactions are mediated by digital interfaces. Hi, I’m Jen, and I design business models. I am a teacher and consultant and I help people understand how their organizations make money. That’s been an in-demand skill during the pandemic.  Making money is on-trend. I’ve been on constant Zoom Read More

Tech Giants report

apple   amazon   facebook

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How I’ve Changed My Mind

What have you changed your mind about? I’m noticing that I’m questioning my assumptions about people and places as this crisis reaches peak week, we hope, in New York. I’m noticing people, or places, or jobs, sectors and systems that I am considering in an entirely new light. Some of my long-held beliefs are changing. I’m also recognizing key people and sectors that I did not appreciate before that I’m Read More

Tech Giants: Facebook 2019

Facebook is getting a bad rap but it’s crucial to note that despite bad press revenue continues to wildly outpace growth, and analysts see up-and-to-the right odds for the foreseeable future. On the downside, costs are going up as Facebook attempts to reign in the bad actors, and their alternative business models have never flourished. Advertising is the dominant species, and payments and hardware have failed to expand in comparison.

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Tech Giants: Apple 2019

Apple Results. Tech Giant Earnings for Very Busy People. Apple, Facebook, Amazon and Alphabet (Google) all report within a quick week their 2019 yearly results. The headline: overall media sentiment does not align with actual results. First up: Apple: Apple’s big business model pivot to software and services taking longer than expected – it was surprising to see iPhone sales up. But the blue and purple dot of services and Read More

Facebook AntiTrust – Easier in Hindsight, Harder to Know What to do in the Future

It’s easy to look back and say “we should have put a stop to Instagram before they bought their biggest competitor.” but the question of competitive strategy and acquisitions also involves looking into the future. FB’s strategy is shifting to payments, AR/VR, and Facebook coin – how will regulators decide which acquisitions are anti-competitive before Facebook even makes headway in a new market? The strategy question is now two fold: Read More