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Champlain Hudson Power Express

September 7, 2022 New York Contribution Value Research Rating: HOLD Debt to be raised: $6 BN Promised Economic Development: $3.5 BN / 25 years Promised Emissions Reduced: Decreasing carbon emissions by 3.9 million metric tons per year Price for those opposed: priceless Initiating Coverage: Champlain Hudson Power Express The Contribution Value of an Underground and Underwater Hydropower-Connector Disclaimer: This analysis of the Champlain Hudson Power Express is the opinion of Read More

Contribution Value Design

Narratives > Models We can all agree we want to transition to a survivable social, environmental, and political climate. Despite the obstacles we all know exist, the real problem is we have a multi-trillion dollar global funding gap, but we do not all share a clear investment map. We cannot agree on the measures: ESG, SDGs, Net Zero aims, decouple strategies, degrowth theories, or other ideas for how we should Read More

Tech Titans for Busy 2Q2022 Alphabet Amazon Apple Meta MSFT

Tech titans no longer traveling as a pack These companies known as MAAMA are not traveling as a pack. You need to take a look at who the Tech Titans truly are these days to understand that it’s not the products, the financial news, the general media, or the regulators who are dictating who the Tech Titans become. Most of these giants grew on topline revenue, and have clearly chosen to Read More

Tech Titans for Busy People 1Q2022 Alphabet Amazon Apple Meta MSFT

Tech Titans 1Q2022 at the Precipice How are the Tech Titans competing for time and attention of people who work for the titans, and everyone else who just participates in the world they are shaping for us to live inside? The Tech Titans take stock of aggressive recent growth and prepare for what’s next.

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Tech Titans for Busy People 4Q2021 Alphabet Amazon Apple Meta Microsoft

Tech Titans 1Q2021 The Last Days of Tech Titans? Last year was amazing if you were a Tech Titan.  Facebook bombed. Apple crushed it. Amazon confusing. They are no longer traveling as a market cap pack. Negative number: Amazon free cash flow is going south. On purpose. Spending into the holiday supply chain. But what will happen next? Special bonus: a review of the tech titan’s mountain of cash spending Read More

Tech Titans for Busy People Q3 Facebook

If You Blink You Might Miss the Tech Titans We’re still hearing a tale of two Facebooks One in the media and Regulatory threats all doom and gloom. The other and financial performance with – big news – a big of flatness on the financial front. So look closely at what’s being recommended by the Whistleblower Frances Haugen who briefly worked at Facebook long enough to capture a treasure trove of Read More

Logic is in the Eye of the Logician

“How do I fund this?” This is the most common question I get when meeting with students, researchers, artists, corporate innovators, non-profit directors, and government policymakers when embarking on a new idea. I’m a business modeler, and I teach how to design business models. So I understand the question about funding, but it is often premature. You can’t answer this question until you know what the concept is, who the Read More

Tech Giants 2Q2021

Once again, extraordinary, jawdropping, beyond-expectations results. Regulators circle, looking for places to cut these giants into parts – we’ll see if that works now that we have regulators who understand business models. Facebook may be reaching limits of growth. *not investment advice* Amazon: Facebook: Alphabet Apple  

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Introducing the Capital Library

  I started the Reason Street Business Model Library for a specific need: I wanted to give advice that I had wished I had received when I started companies. I am launching the Reason Street Capital Library today for the type of options I wished I had when I started these same companies because there is a whole new world of capital types available to entrepreneurs. The Razor/Razorblade that Started it All I had Read More

Tech Giants q12021

Gobsmacking zonkers results for Google   Alphabet v. Facebook     Amazon Last Tech Titan of the week did not disappoint. Amazon crushed it and Bezos thinks about employees and the time value of our customer shopping behavior – a true moment of reflection as the founder and CEO prepares to step down. What is your time worth during the pandemic?

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