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Jen van der Meer
Jen van der Meer is a business model designer. She practices her craft at Reason Street, where she helps companies shift successfully to customer-centered “x-as-a-service” business models. Recurring revenue businesses enable companies to have more honest relationships with customers and give founders more optionality to pursue growth with less extractive capital governance structures.

Jen also teaches at Parsons Strategic Design and Management Program as an Assistant Professor where she researches sustainable business models and researches alternative sources of capital. 

A former Wall Street analyst and economist, Jen is a business modeler who masters the emerging edge of technological change. Throughout her career, Jen has practiced an approach that is equal parts data-driven and creative to understand and apply the opportunities for technology to transform the economy, society, and culture.

At Reason Street, Jen helps organizations find the right business model to build their future.
Jen and her team provide strategic consulting, financial modeling, workshops, training, and data-driven measurement systems, all with the goal of helping organizations to adapt and flourish within complex conditions.

Prior Experience: 

Prior to Reason Street, Jen served as Luminary Lab’s Chief Strategy Officer and was previously EVP, Services and Managing Director at Dachis Group, a social data strategy consulting and software company. Jen managed demand generation, client service, strategy consulting, and experience design and delivery. She was previously a partner at Drillteam where she developed innovation co-creation programs for companies such as Target, Toyota, Nestle, and Neiman Marcus, earning the first social media programs in the industry. Jen organized the acquisition of Drillteam to Powered, Inc. in 2010, which was then merged into Dachis Group in 2011, which was then acquired by Sprinklr in 2014.

Jen has held founding and executive roles within key design organizations. First as a leader in multiple roles at Organic during the company’s aggressive growth phase, and then as General Manager at Frog Design where she organized a successful turnaround of the company’s service business on the East Coast. Additionally, Jen was a founding board member of the 501(c)3 organization Designers Accord, an organization built to first mainstream sustainability in the global creative community.

Teaching / Academia: 

Outside of consulting practice teaching, Jen is an Assistant Professor at Parsons Strategic Design and Management Program, where she teaches Business Models and Entrepreneurial Strategy, New Design Firms, Sustainable Business Models, and teaches the inaugural Venture Lab course as part of the Impact Entrepreneurship Initiative.
Jen has been an Adjunct Professor at NYU ITP, where she adapted version of Lean Startup / Lean LaunchPad to be taught at an art school.  She serves as an advisor to multiple startups in the health and educational technology fields, and has served as a judge and mentor for numerous startup and innovation competitions, including the Berkeley Big Ideas Open Data Challenge, NYC Big AppsInnovate NYC Schools, MIT Hacking Health, and the NYU Summer LaunchPad. She writes and speaks on the topic of strategy in a data-driven age, entrepreneurship, fundraising, design thinking, and social enterprise capital.

Jen has a BA in comparative religion from Trinity College and an MBA from HEC in Paris.
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