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Lessons from Ezio Manzini: Social Innovator is Your Next Job

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Posted over at Core77 – a Wrap Up of Ezio Manzini’s talk to the NYC Eco Design Community; Bottega Altromercato, an example of social innovation from Sustainable Everday “The main activity of designers will be as social innovators,” said Ezio Manzini during an intimate conversation with o2NYC on May 6. Ezio’s talk outlined an exit […]

Ezio Manzini in NYC on Cherry Lane

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Tonight in NYC – May 6, 2009 – join me for a conversation with Ezio Manzini, one of o2 International’s early founders and one of the leading sustainability and design thinkers you’ve never heard about this side of the pond. Small, local, open and connected An Evening with Ezio Manzini Observing society as a whole […]