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Earth Day and Understanding What Cannot Be Understood

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This pandemic is not what we imagined. Perhaps you wished for clear blue waters in the canals of Venice, carless streets in NYC, clear skies and low pollution in LA, Mumbai, and Shanghai. But not this way, caused by an invisible virus. As I walk the empty perfect streets of NYC, I’m reminded of one […]

Circular Startups that Begin with the Business Model

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Circular Models: How European Startups are Shaping the Future of the Circular Economy, Business-Model-First. Next week’s Supply Chain Meetup in NYC is focused on Circular Economy ventures, and I’ll be introducing leading-edge circular startups that I’ve met and interacted with across the EU. While NYC’s startup ecosystem leads in many sectors, we’re a bit […]

Healthy Materials: Waste and Circular Economies at Healthy Materials Symposium

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This deeply inspiring group of humans approach circular economies and waste with a combination of no-nonsense Nordic-ness and dreamy design. This is the now of sustainable design: Waste & Circular Economies Kate Daly, Executive Director, Center for the Circular Economy at Closed Loop Partners Lasse Lind, Architect, Partner, Head of Consulting, GXN Seetal Solanki, Founder […]

Designing for Climate Action

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Join me and my students from SVA’s Products of Design Program at Design for Climate Action @svaPoD for an evening of open innovation. Inspire a group of students who have the skills we need to start pushing the right levers of change (systems thinking, design, programming, communications, everything that I should have learned in grad […]


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Looking forward to the multiple disciplines being convened at the Biofabricate conference – and the chance to thread environment impact assessment, health impact, startup ethics, and the precautionary principle. ‘BIOFABRICATE’ is the world’s first summit dedicated to biofabrication for future industrial and consumer products. Biofabrication comprises highly disruptive technologies enabling design and manufacturing to intersect […]

Bodies and Buildings Class 1: Intro to Systems Thinking

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Have we reached the limits of growth:   Bodies are in trouble right now – despite reaching the peak of productivity the US now leads the world in the rampant growth of chronic diseases that lower life expectancy, and reduce life quality. “People are living longer than projected in 1990 — on average, 10.7 more […]

Bodies and Buildings NYU ITP Syllabus for 2014

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Bodies and Buildings Fall 2014 Syllabus NYU ITP Instructor: Jen van der Meer jd1159 at nyu dot edu Mondays 6:30 – 9:25 PM 721 Broadway at Waverly Why is it so hard to care for our planet and ourselves? We seem hungover from a century of prosperity and ingenuity, unable to invent economic models that […]

Green Brands: Do Intentions Matter in Ultimate Success?

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At Open Forum for Inhabitat: Let’s imagine two business leaders, both entrepreneurs, both looking to create an environmentally friendly and efficiently produced sunscreen. Entrepreneur One is a green purist. Inspired to start a business after failing to findeffective non-toxic sunscreens for her first baby, and she decided to create thehealthiest, most environmentally friendly sunscreen in the […]

5 Social Apps for Social Good that Make Foursquare Seem Silly

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At Open Forum for Inhabitat: Think that mobile social apps are a waste of time and energy? What if you could use them to make the world a better place?  Inhabitat took a look at mobile-based applications and systems designed to promote positive social good. Here are five rising social impact apps to watch.  The […]

IBM Smarter Planet Internet of Things with Soft Jazz Piano

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5 minute video involving several leaps of faith for the future of the internet of things. To be fair, one of the narrators at the end admits these are the baby step years for the internet of things. Internet of Things defined as the point when data about things is greater than data about people. […]