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Learning: ROI and Customer Lifetime Value

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Audience at SXSW: Here are books and links that will give any marketer or techie a basic framework for how to truly measure financial value. Valuation – Measuring and Managing the Value of Companies The classic MBA book – still focused on “the primary goal of a company is to return value to shareholders” – […]

SXSW: The ROI of Relationships

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Here is the presentation:   I’ll be speaking and teaching geeks and marketers how to actually measure the ROI of relationships, during a time when ROI is completely under criticism, and attack. ROI fans, unite! From the Dachis Group social business summit: Marrying for the money from Jen van der Meer “What’s missing in most #social business […]

SXSW 2011: The ROI of Relationships

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You CAN measure the ROI of relationships – personally, and professionally, and this seminar will show you how. No spreadsheets needed for this lecture, and only minimal algebra. Bring a cocktail napkin, a flair ink pen, and learn how to calculate the net present value of your future mate, your pet, or the 8,299 followers […]