SXSW: The ROI of Relationships


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Here is the presentation:


I’ll be speaking and teaching geeks and marketers how to actually measure the ROI of relationships, during a time when ROI is completely under criticism, and attack. ROI fans, unite!

From the Dachis Group social business summit:

“What’s missing in most #social business attempts is a systematic link to metrics that matter.” @jbernoff

“We are at an inflection point, a social generation replaces spreadsheet generation.” @jobsworth

“ROI analysis for social software is a ‘fool’s errand’ – John Hagel


From SXSWi Conversations:

“All of you who just worry about metrics, numbers, roi, you’re going to die” @garyvee

The value is not inamassing Facebook fansits what you do with them.” – Forrester

All those who say, ROI measurement, yes we can, come join me tomorrow at 3:30.

Ballroom F, Austin Convention Center.