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Champlain Hudson Power Express

September 7, 2022 New York Contribution Value Research Rating: HOLD Debt to be raised: $6 BN Promised Economic Development: $3.5 BN / 25 years Promised Emissions Reduced: Decreasing carbon emissions by 3.9 million metric tons per year Price for those opposed: priceless Initiating Coverage: Champlain Hudson Power Express The Contribution Value of an Underground and Underwater Hydropower-Connector Disclaimer: This analysis of the Champlain Hudson Power Express is the opinion of Read More

Contribution Value Design

Narratives > Models We can all agree we want to transition to a survivable social, environmental, and political climate. Despite the obstacles we all know exist, the real problem is we have a multi-trillion dollar global funding gap, but we do not all share a clear investment map. We cannot agree on the measures: ESG, SDGs, Net Zero aims, decouple strategies, degrowth theories, or other ideas for how we should Read More