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6 Painful Truths: You Are in Technology, but Actually Work in Finance

6 Painful Truths: You Are in Technology, but Actually Work in Finance Wall Street vs. Silicon Valley I’m sorry you had to learn this way, that we haven’t discussed this before. If your money or your friends’ money or your Etsy reseller’s money or your employer’s money or your payroll company’s money or your investors’ money or your future investors’ money your investors’ limited partners’ money were frozen this weekend Read More

Snap AI: How does it monetize?

Snap MyAI: how does it monetize? Generative AI Snap chose to buy, not build, generative AI features through OpenAI’s enterprise Foundry program for an undisclosed amount. Business Models B:C Subscription: The company rolled out the MyAI feature to current Snapchat+ subscribers who pay for access to early features. TBD Advertising: The company intends to roll out the feature to the larger Snap user base which makes the majority of revenues from Read More

Bing AI: how does it monetize? ​

Bing AI: how does it monetize? Generative AI Microsoft invested in an exclusive deal to use OpenAI’s ChatGPT model within their Bing app, which they have named Sydney. Business Models B:C Advertising: The company is considering in-chatbot advertising suggestions after delivering response queries. B:B Per-API-Call: Microsoft is also charging per-API call fees for developers working with Bing search, images, video, and text completion, improving these offerings with ChatGPT is in the plans. Read More

Changing Barriers to Fundraising Cultures: Ownership Wayfinding

  Changing Barriers to Fundraising Cultures: Ownership Wayfinding Co-Director Jen van der Meer published a paper in The Social Innovations Journal partnering with AshokaVol 16 No 1 Identifying and Addressing Cultural, Geopolitical, Structural, and Educational Barriers to Social Innovation.   Link to the paper: Link to the Mural board:   This paper addresses the following questions: How can social entrepreneurs from communities historically excluded from capital better understand how to access capital? Read More

Demystifying Access to Capital for Underrepresented Founders

Venture Well 2021 virtual edition I usually can’t attend because it conflicts with Spring Break, but I’m ever grateful to the foundation that supported my early training in Lean Launchpad. Returning to give a talk with my co-director Neyda Martinez at The Impact Entrepreneurship Initiative at The New School. Excellent conversations about access to capital for underrepresented founders and new trends in alternative capital emerging. Slides here: Demystifying access to Read More

Connected Things Business Models: Zipline Medical Logistics

Medical Logistics Zipline is a medical product delivery company that is changing the way medical supplies are delivered throughout the world Founded Before Zipline, the was founded in 2011 by Keller Rinaudo, initially under the business name Romotive which was a robotic toy controlled by an iPhone. Romotive continued production of the toy through 2014 until it was shut down for a complete overhaul and the company pivoted to become Read More

Are Business Models Changing Our Relationships?

Now over at Substack for the latest Noticing how digital business models, in particular, are mediating all of my interactions now that all interactions are mediated by digital interfaces. Hi, I’m Jen, and I design business models. I am a teacher and consultant and I help people understand how their organizations make money. That’s been an in-demand skill during the pandemic.  Making money is on-trend. I’ve been on constant Zoom Read More

Facebook Business Model Teardown

Image credit: Morning Brew on Unsplash Facebook Flywheel Timeline Business Model Tear Down Facebook seems more complicated than it is. Of all of the Tech Titans, Facebook has the simplest business model. Business model innovation can be understood as a factor of three physical forces: waves, flywheels, and business models themselves. Facebook Flywheel 1 – 2 2004-2007 Flywheel 1 CONNECT STUDENTS ON CAMPUS Flywheel 2 PROVIDE ADS TO BRANDS Flywheel Read More

Straight Lines and S-Curves: Predicting COVID-19

We’re all peeled to our digital screens right now checking in on the world, our families, our colleagues, and then trying to predict what all of that means for our selves. What I’ve noticed are fights breaking out based on what comes down to math and mental models. It’s curves vs. lines. I know I’ve been guilty favoring curves versus lines. I love the sexy s-Curves of tech, mobile adoption, Read More

Decoding the Dominant Logic

Business Models are often blamed for limiting what we want our organizations to become. The reason: dominant logic. Learn how to decode the mental models that keep us trapped. Clayton Christiansen, the late father of disruption theory, concisely defined the conventional wisdom about business model transitions. The reason why it’s so hard to innovate from within: Dominant Logic. Dominant logic is the disease that killed Kodak, Blockbuster, and Nokia, and Read More