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Parallel Capital

Logic is in the Eye of the Logician

“How do I fund this?” This is the most common question I get when meeting with students, researchers, artists, corporate innovators, non-profit directors, and government policymakers when embarking on a new idea. I’m a business modeler, and I teach how to design business models. So I understand the question about funding, but it is often premature. You can’t answer this question until you know what the concept is, who the Read More

Demystifying Access to Capital for Underrepresented Founders

Venture Well 2021 virtual edition I usually can’t attend because it conflicts with Spring Break, but I’m ever grateful to the foundation that supported my early training in Lean Launchpad. Returning to give a talk with my co-director Neyda Martinez at The Impact Entrepreneurship Initiative at The New School. Excellent conversations about access to capital for underrepresented founders and new trends in alternative capital emerging. Slides here: Demystifying access to Read More