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SXSW 2012. Brands: The Cost of Being Human

Thanks all for the great energy and best SX ever:   Brands the cost of being human sxsw 2012 from Jen van der Meer Here is the transcript at

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SXSW: Brands – The Cost of Being Human

I’m excited to give this talk at SXSW 2012 – see you there. Why do brands resist being human? Understanding the question, and its answer, reveals much as to the reasons why companies continue to struggle with the adoption of social business practices. Fear not! You can do something to make your company more connected, more human, and you can do it now. This seminar is for all you enlightened brand strategists, Read More

What Counts When Counting Fans

Posting this morning on the Dachis Group Collaboratory. Inspired by my colleagues’ fierce and firey prose, it’s time to start blogging again. Social thought leaders have formed a consensus around fan counting: don’t do it. The argument: if you measure what you manage, and you are only measuring fan counts, then you might rely on short term acquisition tactics that fail to result in long term engagement. And yet we hear Read More

Learning: ROI and Customer Lifetime Value

Audience at SXSW: Here are books and links that will give any marketer or techie a basic framework for how to truly measure financial value. Valuation – Measuring and Managing the Value of Companies The classic MBA book – still focused on “the primary goal of a company is to return value to shareholders” – but the math and financial framework provides one of the more accessible lessons on how Read More

SXSW: The ROI of Relationships

Here is the presentation:   I’ll be speaking and teaching geeks and marketers how to actually measure the ROI of relationships, during a time when ROI is completely under criticism, and attack. ROI fans, unite! From the Dachis Group social business summit: Marrying for the money from Jen van der Meer “What’s missing in most #social business attempts is a systematic link to metrics that matter.” @jbernoff “We are at an inflection point, a Read More

SXSW 2011: The ROI of Relationships

You CAN measure the ROI of relationships – personally, and professionally, and this seminar will show you how. No spreadsheets needed for this lecture, and only minimal algebra. Bring a cocktail napkin, a flair ink pen, and learn how to calculate the net present value of your future mate, your pet, or the 8,299 followers of your company’s Twitter feed. Yet ROI alone will not tell you the ultimate value Read More

The Measure of Us: Cluetrain vs. Ads 2.0

This is my third installment in a series I’m titling “The Measurement of Us” – measuring the impact of the time and attention we pay to social media in our lives, companies, and communities. In this post I dissect what is meant by “earned media.” The social media sector is at a crossroads. Two competing mental models for what social networks can do for companies, brands and advertisers will shape how the social Read More

The Measure of Us: Cost Per Order

This is my second installment in a series I’m titling “The Measurement of Us” – measuring the impact of the time and attention we pay to social media in our lives, companies, and communities. First I’ll take a look at the easiest things to measure – financial ROI.   Of course you can measure the ROI of any relationship. And you don’t have to change the acronym to stand for some weak Read More

The Measurement of Us

I’m starting a project I’m calling “The Measurement of Us” which tackles the problem of analytics, insights and measurement of organizations in the social media sphere. I’ll be looking at these basic questions: What is the Social Impact of Social – specifically, is all of the time and attention we are increasingly devoting to social media efforts a force for good? Or not so good? Are they good for us as Read More

IBM Smarter Planet Internet of Things with Soft Jazz Piano

5 minute video involving several leaps of faith for the future of the internet of things. To be fair, one of the narrators at the end admits these are the baby step years for the internet of things. Internet of Things defined as the point when data about things is greater than data about people. You might be sending text messages, but the sidewalk you’re walking on has sensors, and Read More