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Bing AI: how does it monetize? ​

Bing AI: how does it monetize? Generative AI Microsoft invested in an exclusive deal to use OpenAI’s ChatGPT model within their Bing app, which they have named Sydney. Business Models B:C Advertising: The company is considering in-chatbot advertising suggestions after delivering response queries. B:B Per-API-Call: Microsoft is also charging per-API call fees for developers working with Bing search, images, video, and text completion, improving these offerings with ChatGPT is in the plans. Read More

Tech Titans CAPEX Edition

Tech Titans CAPEX Edition   The big shocker: Meta’s guidance to continue to spend more than any company in the history of companies on an uncertain future in the form of CAPEX. CAPEX edition. What is Capex? Capital Expenditures are for investments meant to be used for an extended time greater than one year. Meta seems to think it should spend more money than any other company in the history Read More

Tech Titans for Busy 2Q2022 Alphabet Amazon Apple Meta MSFT

Tech titans no longer traveling as a pack These companies known as MAAMA are not traveling as a pack. You need to take a look at who the Tech Titans truly are these days to understand that it’s not the products, the financial news, the general media, or the regulators who are dictating who the Tech Titans become. Most of these giants grew on topline revenue, and have clearly chosen to Read More

Tech Titans for Busy People 4Q2021 Alphabet Amazon Apple Meta Microsoft

Tech Titans 1Q2021 The Last Days of Tech Titans? Last year was amazing if you were a Tech Titan.  Facebook bombed. Apple crushed it. Amazon confusing. They are no longer traveling as a market cap pack. Negative number: Amazon free cash flow is going south. On purpose. Spending into the holiday supply chain. But what will happen next? Special bonus: a review of the tech titan’s mountain of cash spending Read More

Tech Giants 2Q2021

Once again, extraordinary, jawdropping, beyond-expectations results. Regulators circle, looking for places to cut these giants into parts – we’ll see if that works now that we have regulators who understand business models. Facebook may be reaching limits of growth. *not investment advice* Amazon: Facebook: Alphabet Apple  

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Tech Titans for Busy People Amazon Alphabet Q Reports

If You Blink You Might Miss the Tech Titans Spoiler alert: Bezos moves up to Executive Chairman and on to colonize space. Of course they had a blow-out quarter, all of their business models firing on all cylinders. Bezos goes out claiming victory in normalcy and yawns. In comparison, Alphabet pulls off a fine quarter but indeed in comparison, a bit of a yawn, because the future without Bezos we Read More

Tech Titans for Busy People Apple Facebook Q Reports

If You Blink You Might Miss the Tech Titans Cook spoke of social justice and supporting black entrepreneurs with cash. Zuckerberg tweaked the mission. But the real story is the massive revenue spikes in both companies who reported record breaking quarters.

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Tech Giants for Busy People 3Q2020

Who has time to follow the financial news of the Tech Giants? I do! It’s a hobby of mine. And they’ve made it so easy- all 4 of the GAFA brigade reported their earnings just a few hours ago. Despite congressional inquiries, antitrust lawsuits, and fears that these companies are destroying democracy we can’t seem to turn away from Facebook, Apple, Amazon, and Google. They are all “killing it.” The Read More

Facebook Business Model Teardown

Image credit: Morning Brew on Unsplash Facebook Flywheel Timeline Business Model Tear Down Facebook seems more complicated than it is. Of all of the Tech Titans, Facebook has the simplest business model. Business model innovation can be understood as a factor of three physical forces: waves, flywheels, and business models themselves. Facebook Flywheel 1 – 2 2004-2007 Flywheel 1 CONNECT STUDENTS ON CAMPUS Flywheel 2 PROVIDE ADS TO BRANDS Flywheel Read More

Netflix Flywheel Business Model Teardown

Netflix Flywheel Timeline Business Model Tear Down It’s hard to understand how tech giant business models work. We give companies like Netflix simple stories like “subscription” and leave it at that. Netflix indeed is one of the simplest of the top 10 tech companies in terms of having an open and fairly transparent business model. But let’s take a deeper look. Business model innovation can be understood as a factor Read More