Business model design


NYU ITP: If Products Could Tell Their Stories, Second Batch!

Year 2 for the class that investigates how things are made, and how things can use their newfound technological innards to tell us how they got here. If Products Could Jan 25 2010 from Jen van der Meer     Provocation: As creators, know what’s in the stuff you make. As interaction designers, create tools and systems so that we can access product truth.  

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Are you a designer of the internet of things?

Nice presentation from Webb of Schulze and Webb on the topic – with a few product to service concepts not yet in my collection – like Howies Hand Me Downs. The New Negroponte Switch from schulzeandwebb

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NYU ITP: If Products Could Speak Class 1

Intro to the course, introducing three frameworks: Stakeholder vs. Shareholder management Life Cycle Analysis Spimes And many examples of green interaction design. If Products Could Speak Jan 26 2009 from Jen van der Meer  

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These Flocks: Storytelling Product Backstories

Christien Meindertsma shows how a student can better illuminate life cycle thinking and product transparency in a creative way. While she was still in design school, Meindertsma launched a the project These Flocks. She purchased a flock of sheep, and then created sweaters, hats, and a “pouf” footstool using the wool from this flock. Each product received a passport describing the origin of the product, including the birthplace, weight, breed, and Read More