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Business 101.1 NYU ITP: Values, Value Proposition, and The Future of Business

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We recently covered competing value proposition mental models as they relate to The Business Model Canvas and Lean Startup. Business 101.1 class 4 from Jennifer van der Meer We also took a pause to uncover the core motivations, values, and inherent friction in starting a social purpose-driven company. Business 101.1 class 5 from Jennifer van der […]

Personas, TAM/SAM/TM

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Business 101.1 for ITP, Gallatin, Journalism, School of Professional Studies. You’ll find the current team formation topics and people as of today 9/19/2016. Contact Jen or Josh with any team changes – or reflect your changes next week. 6 core teams and recent changes in direction: Fragrances Uber for Yoga Prisons Social Community for Designers Ergonomic Furniture […]

NYU ITP Business 101.1 Innovation + Entrepreneurship

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NYU ITP Fall Semester This course is about understanding the levers that drive business, and learning how to turn them into your favor. You will learn through experience and work in teams to develop a concept from the generation of an idea to launch or market test.  Warning: the course involves a field work commitment […]

So You Want to Control Your Own Destiny, Do You?

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Founder motivations and control for impact entrepreneurs Lean Startup  is great for finding scale opportunities, quickly, You make assumptions, discover your customer needs, run some tests, and you can quickly get feedback that you’re either on the right track, or need to start again. Yet one thing that tends to stop founders from even asking […]

Lean at ITP Workshop 2016

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Changing to a workshop format this year to scale it up! What: Lean @ ITP When: Two weeks in January, 11-22 Location: NYU ITP 421 Waverly 4th Floor We embrace a creative, iterative, and collaborative approach to making things — but launching a product out into the world takes a somewhat different set of skills. How does […]

NYU ITP Pitchfest #5: Antidotes to a Technical Culture

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5th Annual NYU ITP Pitchfest 2015 Design for self assembly. Connected jewelry for brilliant moments. A replacement for wasteful packaging. Assistive Kitchen tools. Apps for enhancing relationships and serendipitous encounters. Discovery and peer review apps for emerging performing arts. It may be possible for technology innovation to more genuinely connect us to each other. Each […]

NYU ITP Pitchfest Workshop 1

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June 1: 2015 Why we do this Get an audience outside of the cozy world of ITP Thesis feedback Respond to genuine interest from investors Help you understand how to launch ideas that just need to exist in the world Which means we’ve expanded our aim – we are not just seeking high growth, high […]

Selling Science: Applying Lean at the NSF I-Corps

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Published at the NYU Entrepreneurs Blog Part 1 and Part 2. — Lessons Learned at the NSF’s I-Corps for Learning program: “Parents didn’t even know what STEM was, nor STEAM!” exclaimed a conference participant. Similar concerns could be heard from many of the academic and entrepreneurial educators this April, streaming out of the San Francisco Marriott […]

NYU ITP Pitchfest 2015

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Workshop Series: What is your concept. Your idea. Your project. Pitch your Idea  for support and feedback: Workshops, Practice Pitch Prep, and Pitch Festival. Adjunct Professor: Jen van der Meer Background: Over the past five+ years NYU ITP has organized increasingly successful Investor Pitchfest to showcase startup team ideas worthy of funder consideration and attention. […]

Favorite Lessons Learned from Lean at ITP Speakers

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We just wrapped up our second Lean experiment at ITP last night with a Lessons Learned dinner party. We had extraordinarily candid speakers this semester who humbly told us of their successes and failures, pivots and turnarounds, origin stories and the truth behind their funding and scale. A few of my favorite wisdom pickings from […]