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Elliot Montgomery’s MicroCycle Project

Thanks again, Core77. For your quick write up: MicroCycle Project – Union Square from wake on Vimeo.   Microcycle Project – Union Square from wake on Vimeo. “How tightly can a product’s lifecycle be compressed… and what are the ramifications of doing this?” These are the questions Elliott Montgomery asks with his MicroCycle project–a mini manufacturing station-turned-public outreach kiosk that recently appeared on the south end of Union Square in New York City. Here, he and Read More

It’s Hard to Make Your Own Toaster

Via We Make Money Not Art, Thomas Thwaites attempts to make his own Toaster (for art, not money). He is looking for someone who has access to an oil rig, and anyone with info about nickel mines in the UK.

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These Flocks: Storytelling Product Backstories

Christien Meindertsma shows how a student can better illuminate life cycle thinking and product transparency in a creative way. While she was still in design school, Meindertsma launched a the project These Flocks. She purchased a flock of sheep, and then created sweaters, hats, and a “pouf” footstool using the wool from this flock. Each product received a passport describing the origin of the product, including the birthplace, weight, breed, and Read More