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Business Model Myths in the Circular Economy

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Today at 11 EST I’ll be giving an online talk for the virtual Circular Economy “Dif” Festival put on by the Ellen MacCarthur Foundation. What was planned to be a thorough analysis of common business model mis-conceptions has changed in light of recent events. We will discuss: Equitable outcomes. Ray Anderson. Circular economy. Business model myths. […]

Designing for Climate Action

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Join me and my students from SVA’s Products of Design Program at Design for Climate Action @svaPoD for an evening of open innovation. Inspire a group of students who have the skills we need to start pushing the right levers of change (systems thinking, design, programming, communications, everything that I should have learned in grad […]

NYC BigApps: For Profit or Non Profit?

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A strange question started popping up in my classes at SVA PoD, NYU ITP, and in various apps and tech and data competitions: Is my concept best suited to become a company? Or a non profit? Strange, because when I graduated in the 90’s – this question might apply to one’s career path, but it was […]

In Pursuit of A Certain Kind of Startup

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Thanks Alistair Croll – this was fun! 2 Kinds of Startups. In pursuit of the SuperBadAss. At Ignite Strata Hadoop World.  

Two Kinds of Startups: StrataIgnite Talk

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What kind of startup will you be? Merely Badass? Or SuperBadass?

8 Principals for Designing for Dignity in Health Tech

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Thanks all for the great discussion, in real time at StrataRx and on the Twittersphere. Is it enough to design for a great patient experience, improved health outcomes, and overall cost reductions in health care? While incentives may soon change, the idea of data-driven solutions to improve health care is not a new one. Yet […]

Disrupting the Self : The Mindfulness Continuum

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At Startupfest Montreal at the invitation of curator extraordinaire Alistair Croll and his amazing sister Rebecca Croll. Tomorrow’s discussion: Disrupting the Self: Lifelogging, Wearable Computing and Society. I promise a deep, context setting and likely provocative discussion with Dulcie Madden, one of the founders of Rest Devices – who provide “human centered devices that make […]

Best of Strata: Data is Not a Business Model

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Update July 2, 2013: My talk is now available on YouTube:   My talk is being broadcast at an upcoming Webinar brought to you by O’Reilly: Tuesday, July 2, 2013 5 AM San Francisco | 1pm – London | 8am – New York | 10pm – Sydney | 9pm – Tokyo | 8pm – Beijing […]

Data is Not a Business Model: Moving Knowledge to Action

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Strata Santa Clara 2013 – Later Chosen as the Best of Strata Data is not a business model moving knowledge to action presentation from Jen van der Meer

Government Plays VC in CleanTech

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For Open Forum at Inhabitat: “If we can get three home runs, that’s terrific,” announced Steven Chu, the DOE Secretary at a press conference on Monday, October 26 at Google’s campus in Mountain View, CA. Chu was at Google to deliver 37 energy technology projects funded by the Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy program (ARPA-E), the DOE’s […]