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NYU ITP: If Products Could Speak Class 4 The Role of Government

We focus on the role that government and regulators play in defining the paying field for green product and service innovation. Much of the class follows the argument in the excellent book by Mark Schapiro: Exposed: The Toxic Chemistry of Everyday Products. If Products Could Speak Feb 23 2009 from Jen van der Meer

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How Many Green Jobs Does it Take?

To tell you how much energy your lightbulbs emit?     Google gets into smart meters. Not the first, but likely will be a smart grid power player.  

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Leapfrogging the Developed World

If the crowd will save us, and armies of developers working for good will truly save us from ourselves, then in the meantime we’re going to need better curators and story tellers to find the nuggets in the crowd and point us in the right direction. Case in point: Nokia’s mobile application developer community, Forum Nokia, recently launched the contest Calling All Innovators and asked participants to “think in new ways about the opportunity Read More

LCA Event with o2NYC

Join o2NYC as we begin a learning group whose goal is to understand Life Cycle Assessment, and to develop our skills as design professionals to provide the systems thinking approach and holistic understanding that LCA provides. When: Wednesday, February 25th. 6-8 PM. Where: Smart Design. 601 W 26th Street, Suite 1820. RSVP: j at o2nyc dot org $10 suggested donation. As a concept, a product lifecycle makes intuitive sense. Designers conceive of Read More