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6 Painful Truths: You Are in Technology, but Actually Work in Finance

6 Painful Truths: You Are in Technology, but Actually Work in Finance Wall Street vs. Silicon Valley I’m sorry you had to learn this way, that we haven’t discussed this before. If your money or your friends’ money or your Etsy reseller’s money or your employer’s money or your payroll company’s money or your investors’ money or your future investors’ money your investors’ limited partners’ money were frozen this weekend Read More

Connected Things Business Models: Zipline Medical Logistics

Medical Logistics Zipline is a medical product delivery company that is changing the way medical supplies are delivered throughout the world Founded Before Zipline, the was founded in 2011 by Keller Rinaudo, initially under the business name Romotive which was a robotic toy controlled by an iPhone. Romotive continued production of the toy through 2014 until it was shut down for a complete overhaul and the company pivoted to become Read More

Will Your Health Business Model Survive?

Stress-testing your business for a new policy agenda Since the election, US stocks are mostly up. Except hospital stocks. Public hospitals like HCA are worth looking at the stock charts to see how wrong we were about the election – rising high the day before, tanking the day after. Then there are the health insurance companies like Aetna and Cigna are on the rise. United Healthcare is the best-performing stock Read More

Why Your HealthTech Market Analysis is Probably Wrong

Have you had an eye exam at Warby Parker? If you’re in health tech, or just healthcare, and you wear glasses, I recommend you make your way to a Warby Retail location soon just for the experience. Go to the website – you can make an appointment Apple-Genius-bar-style. (Sorry Bay Area folks – their first eye exam locations are East Coast and Midwest). Why? Because how we look at trying to Read More

Bodies and Buildings Class 5: Ebola outbreak, the power to change the rules

The past two weeks in class we spent time first paying attention to the Ebola crisis, then trying to map out the system as we understand it. While much of health technology has come to focus on in hospital systems, electronic health records, and chronic disease management, we wanted to see what we could envision for an acute and rapidly growing outbreak. Students presented ideas for what to do about Read More

Bodies and Buildings Class 3: Health Systems and Open Data

We mapped the obesity systems of Japan, Mongolia, Korea, Columbia, and the NJ Path Conductors. Last week students not born in the US were surprised that the obesity epidemic “snuck up” on Americans. So students looked at other countries, and those that focused on their home countries were surprised to find the epidemic at its roots. Global trends in non US countries: Japan is the least obese country, but not uniformly. Read More

Bodies and Buildings Class 2: Bodies and the Obesity Epidemic

Tracking the global 20-30 something at ITP. No students have a TV. No students use Foursquare (abandoned), or Swarm (never downloaded) but most still tethered to Facebook. Half of students have paid money for in game purchases, up to $800 to keep up with virtual friends. No one is actively wearing a fitness wearable. Wow. For next week: When developing ideas and concepts for our student projects, and future projects, Read More

Bodies and Buildings Class 1: Intro to Systems Thinking

Have we reached the limits of growth:   Bodies are in trouble right now – despite reaching the peak of productivity the US now leads the world in the rampant growth of chronic diseases that lower life expectancy, and reduce life quality. “People are living longer than projected in 1990 — on average, 10.7 more years for men, and 12.6 more years for women. But for many of them, the Read More

Bodies and Buildings NYU ITP Syllabus for 2014

Bodies and Buildings Fall 2014 Syllabus NYU ITP Instructor: Jen van der Meer jd1159 at nyu dot edu Mondays 6:30 – 9:25 PM 721 Broadway at Waverly Why is it so hard to care for our planet and ourselves? We seem hungover from a century of prosperity and ingenuity, unable to invent economic models that create jobs, improve health, and restore the earth. Eager ITP students are better equipped than Read More

Are you Superbadass

Thanks, @slideshare and @luminarylabs, for giving this talk a long tail – on the Slideshare homepage. The Slideshare community gets lots of love! Strata Ignite 2013 | A Tale of Two Kinds of Startups from Luminary Labs  

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