Jen van der Meer

NYU ITP Lean LaunchPad Class 2

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Customer Development – Pain-driven design, getting underneath the obvious truths and into the dark matter of need.

NYU ITP LeanLaunchPad Spring 2014

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I’ll be teaching Lean LaunchPad at ITP this spring with Josh Knowles – thanks to all mentors and advisors who have signed up. Still looking for more – local and virtual. We embrace a creative, iterative, and collaborative approach to making things — but launching a product out into the world takes a somewhat different […]

Lean LaunchPad Educators Program

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I’m at the Lean LaunchPad Educators Program – Steve Blank’s entrepreneurship curriculum delivered to 90+ educators around the world. I’m here thanks to the efforts of NYU to cultivate entrepreneurship across the school, with ITP as a potentially ideal place to adopt the methods. We are all entrepreneurship-leaning educators at the grad and undergrad level, and there […]

NYU ITP Lean LaunchPad Class 6

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We focused on activities, resources, and costs – with a deep dive on finances and innovation coming from the JOBS act, and the America Competes Act in the US. And we augmented the Lean LaunchPad method with a deep dive on Customer Development – translating personas into the first set of features, and marketing measures […]

NYU ITP Lean LaunchPad Class 5

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Thanks to guest speakers Travis Hardman, and John Bachir. Quotes from class: From John Bachir: “Customer experience means build to what your customers are saying they will do vs. finding a cool technical reason to build something.” “Being too good at business development meant multiple pilots, building entirely new products. Have a filter for knowing […]