NYU ITP Lean LaunchPad Class 5


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Thanks to guest speakers Travis Hardman, and John Bachir.

Quotes from class:

From John Bachir:

“Customer experience means build to what your customers are saying they will do vs. finding a cool technical reason to build something.”

“Being too good at business development meant multiple pilots, building entirely new products. Have a filter for knowing what components to build, and quickly release, onto your existing product, instead of flexing your technical skills each time a new request turns a feature into yet another product.”

And from Travis:

“Falsify, instead of validate, your customer development hypotheses. People want to like your idea, so they will tell you yes, they want your product, until it’s time to ask them to pay for it.”

“Pitching for investment while doing customer development can affect how eager and enthusiastic you become at selling what you want to build, at some point in the future (your investor vision) vs. what you have now, or will have soon. You can disappoint your customers if there is a big delta between those realities.”

And the “Ghandi moment” – “Pick an idea that is the change you want to see in the world. You will grow tired and frustrated – make sure that the passion is there before you begin.”

Here are class notes:

Josh’s Development Planning advice: