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The Measure of Money: Social Impact Investing Grows Up

For Open Forum at Inhabitat: Are financial markets a force for social good? 1000+ entrepreneurs, NGO staffers, and financiers attended the second annual Social Capital Markets Conference (SOCAP09) to answer the question. One year later, the conversation transformed from enthusiastic optimism to a more scrupulous discussion about measurement, metrics, and proof. Interest in environmentally and socially beneficial investment is at an all time high, and so is the need for a common Read More

Elliot Montgomery’s MicroCycle Project

Thanks again, Core77. For your quick write up: MicroCycle Project – Union Square from wake on Vimeo.   Microcycle Project – Union Square from wake on Vimeo. “How tightly can a product’s lifecycle be compressed… and what are the ramifications of doing this?” These are the questions Elliott Montgomery asks with his MicroCycle project–a mini manufacturing station-turned-public outreach kiosk that recently appeared on the south end of Union Square in New York City. Here, he and Read More

The Downside of Crowdsourcing

The crowd may save us, and the crowd may also pop the balloon of high wages in creative industries, according to John Winsor writing for Business Week online.  

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The Crowd Will Save Us

How the Green Movement Taps Participatory Networks to Drive Innovation. Over at Core77 – Published way before Crowdsourcing took over the world! Before environmental issues became part of the mainstream, the role of a designer was already starting to get much more interesting. Product innovation used to be the exclusive purview of R&D, where scientists and engineers tinkered away on technology-centered, proprietary advancements. Designers were left to style products for Read More

Call for Entries! Greenpeace Surveying Green Electronics

Greenpeace is conducting a market survey of the most environmentally friendly consumer electronic products currently on the market. After several “green electronics guide” reports that rated electronics makers of big brands, and their Greener Apple campaign, Greenpeace is now looking to evaluate gadgets at the product level. This means that companies large and small will be evaluated.   Read more: CALL FOR ENTRIES! Greenpeace Surveying Green Electronics | Inhabitat – Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Read More