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The Future of Your Job: Will You be Automated, or Augmented?

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Data Intelligence, Cognitive Bias, and Emerging Tech   You don’t always realize at the moment of a new technology’s introduction that it was designed to take your job. I remember my early career working as an analyst grunt on Wall Street. To learn my job, I would compete with other analysts on a fun game […]

Lean Validation for Social Impact + Design Entrepreneurs

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There’s something social impact founders and design entrepreneurs have in common  – a shared allergy/yuck factor when asked to make business models. We try to dispel that myth – business modeling as an iterative act of emergent and divergent discovery, pattern association, and everything fun.   Business Model Validation Parsons New School from Jennifer van […]

NYU ITP Business 101.1 Innovation + Entrepreneurship

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NYU ITP Fall Semester This course is about understanding the levers that drive business, and learning how to turn them into your favor. You will learn through experience and work in teams to develop a concept from the generation of an idea to launch or market test.  Warning: the course involves a field work commitment […]

Business Models and Entrepreneurial Strategy at Parsons The New School for Design

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Excited to teach a revised and redesigned version of Lean at Parsons The New School for Design’s BBA program. Here’s the syllabus: BUSINESS MODELS AND ENTREPRENEURIAL STRATEGY Course Code: PUDM4322 CRN: 7370 | Section: A Instructor: Jen van der Meer   Fall / 2016 Monday / 9:00 AM Location: 6 East 16th Street, Room 1108 Course Description […]

Admit it, No One Likes Failure

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But there is Joy in Trying In Silicon Valley, failure is “accepted, even encouraged.” Not according to my sample size of Uber drivers. I’m in San Francisco today, where Uber drivers are the new bartenders, and represent potential bellweather for what’s really going on in the Bay Area. From a sample size of 4 Uber […]

So You Want to Control Your Own Destiny, Do You?

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Founder motivations and control for impact entrepreneurs Lean Startup  is great for finding scale opportunities, quickly, You make assumptions, discover your customer needs, run some tests, and you can quickly get feedback that you’re either on the right track, or need to start again. Yet one thing that tends to stop founders from even asking […]

Finding Your Customer Pain Points: How Far Do You Go

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One of the first jobs in unlocking a business model is to define a customer segment, and figure out customer “pain points.” You know you’ve struck gold when you uncover a “hair on fire” problem that is so tremendously painful the customer will work with your earliest version of the product just to douse the […]

Why Growth? Pitchfest Workshops at New Inc.

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What’s more fun than working with a bunch of world changing tech founders who see themselves as future unicorns? Working with artist entrepreneurs at New Inc. In module 1 of a Pitchfest Workshop series, we covered why you might want to grow big, and have huge scale, as an exercise in imagining your impact. We are […]

The Promises and Perils of the Hollywood Style Pitch

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How can organizations quickly and effectively gain support for new business ideas? Hollywood wheeler-dealers are famous for pitching new movies to studios with a formula that combines two successful old movies. Robert Altman’s 1992 comedy The Player fictionalized pitchmen who proposed such fantastic ideas as “Out of Africa meets Pretty Woman” and “Ghost meets The Manchurian […]

Google’s Dominant-Logic Problem

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  Google’s Dominant-Logic Problem Google has announced that it will become Alphabet, a conglomerate—that old-fangled complex corporate structure popular in the 1970s. Could the conglomerate structure, as Google is defining Alphabet, represent the boldest and most innovative move yet within the entire class of super-tech companies? Google is not the first company to confront the […]