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Google’s Dominant-Logic Problem

Google’s Dominant-Logic Problem Google has announced that it will become Alphabet, a conglomerate—that old-fangled complex corporate structure popular in the 1970s. Could the conglomerate structure, as Google is defining Alphabet, represent the boldest and most innovative move yet within the entire class of super-tech companies? Google is not the first company to confront the dominant-logic problem, which can cause successful companies to self-destruct, but it is doing so in a Read More

3 Business Model Myths Debunked

When is the best time to begin thinking about your business model? Now. If you are wondering about how your business will generate revenue and profitability to grow, then start if you haven’t already. But first let’s clear up some myths that plague early stage founders and intrapreneurs when they start tinkering with a new idea: 1. “Thinking about business models in the beginning is a waste of time and Read More

5 Better Business Model Options for Product Companies

See how hardware and product makers are combining business models from software, coffee makers, and the razorblade industry to redefine how we want, use, and love things. Read more at Reason Street , sign up for the newsletter and join us on a business model adventure. 

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NYU ITP Pitchfest Workshop 1

June 1: 2015 Why we do this Get an audience outside of the cozy world of ITP Thesis feedback Respond to genuine interest from investors Help you understand how to launch ideas that just need to exist in the world Which means we’ve expanded our aim – we are not just seeking high growth, high scale companies. We welcome everyone that has a compelling concept What we need from you Read More

Selling Science: Applying Lean at the NSF I-Corps

Published at the NYU Entrepreneurs Blog Part 1 and Part 2. — Lessons Learned at the NSF’s I-Corps for Learning program: “Parents didn’t even know what STEM was, nor STEAM!” exclaimed a conference participant. Similar concerns could be heard from many of the academic and entrepreneurial educators this April, streaming out of the San Francisco Marriott after their first few days in windowless meeting rooms and actually talking to parents – Read More

Are you Superbadass

Thanks, @slideshare and @luminarylabs, for giving this talk a long tail – on the Slideshare homepage. The Slideshare community gets lots of love! Strata Ignite 2013 | A Tale of Two Kinds of Startups from Luminary Labs  

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NYC BigApps: For Profit or Non Profit?

A strange question started popping up in my classes at SVA PoD, NYU ITP, and in various apps and tech and data competitions: Is my concept best suited to become a company? Or a non profit? Strange, because when I graduated in the 90’s – this question might apply to one’s career path, but it was pretty clear that non profits were for those that wanted to do good, and for Read More

Craving Tactile, Human Connections through Technology

The 4th Annual NYU ITP Pitchfest For the past four years I’ve had the honor of organizing the NYU ITP Pitchfest, a workshop series and pitch day for entrepreneurial ITP students and their creative technology companies. Student teams iterate on their thesis and course projects to build them into companies, pitching to New York’s most generous VC and Angel investors for feedback and counsel. Joanne Wilson, Gotham Gal and the Read More

Lean Customer Discovery Needs Design Research

When you are in a startup, under the gun, trying to execute – how do you find time for empathy? Lean launchpad simulates entrepreneurship by requiring founders to get out of the building…and into their customer’s world. Teams succeed when they start talking to people, and find the magic in actually validating their hypotheses with customers, potential partners, and even fellow founders who may have tried to pursue the same Read More

NYU ITP Pitchfest 2014

Pitch Workshops: NYU ITP Pitchfest, 2013 Over the past four+ years NYU ITP has organized increasingly successful Investor Pitchfest to showcase startup team ideas worthy of funder consideration and attention. We’ve benefitted from active participation of leading NYC angels and VCs and this year we have confirmed Joanne Wilson, GothamGal, Andy Weissman of Union Square Ventures, Chris Fralic from First Round Capital, Frank Rimalovski of NYU Tech Ventures, and a Read More