Jen van der Meer

Predicting the Preposterous: Scenario Planning the End of Advertising

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  One day, Mark Zuckerberg, Sergey Brin, and Larry Page woke up and realized they were in the advertising business. And they were sad. All of that technical prowess, all of those high IQ Stanford grads, all of that bold experimentation to optimize people buying more stuff. Sergey and Larry did something about it. They […]

Venture Lab Inaugural Cohort

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I’ve been working on a social impact curriculum and program at Parsons The New School. We asked student venture teams to apply to a course called Venture Lab, designed for launching potentially scalable ventures. We’ll also be studying the larger question of entrepreneurship inclusion, and how young ventures can develop, validate, and articulate their social […]

Lean Validation for Social Impact + Design Entrepreneurs

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There’s something social impact founders and design entrepreneurs have in common  – a shared allergy/yuck factor when asked to make business models. We try to dispel that myth – business modeling as an iterative act of emergent and divergent discovery, pattern association, and everything fun.   Business Model Validation Parsons New School from Jennifer van […]

Business Models and Entrepreneurial Strategy at Parsons The New School for Design

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Excited to teach a revised and redesigned version of Lean at Parsons The New School for Design’s BBA program. Here’s the syllabus: BUSINESS MODELS AND ENTREPRENEURIAL STRATEGY Course Code: PUDM4322 CRN: 7370 | Section: A Instructor: Jen van der Meer   Fall / 2016 Monday / 9:00 AM Location: 6 East 16th Street, Room 1108 Course Description […]

So, You Need a Letter of Recommendation

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Dear former students and employees. I’d be delighted to write you a letter of recommendation. I’ll need you to do some work first. First – make sure this is not a last-minute exercise. I’ll need a few days for synthesis, and I frequently travel, so make sure you’re giving me a minimum of a week […]