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The NYC Ecosystem is Real, Growing Fast, but Different

What happens when you ask your network for help? Here’s the first thing I learned when teaching Lean LaunchPad at NYU ITP. The structure and blueprint as taught at Stanford was essential to strengthening the ecosystem: a large group of Advisors as lecturers and helpful participants, and individual Mentors assigned to each team. The Mentor ask was big in a town filled with busy people – come each week for Read More

NYU ITP Pitchfest 2014

Pitch Workshops: NYU ITP Pitchfest, 2013 Over the past four+ years NYU ITP has organized increasingly successful Investor Pitchfest to showcase startup team ideas worthy of funder consideration and attention. We’ve benefitted from active participation of leading NYC angels and VCs and this year we have confirmed Joanne Wilson, GothamGal, Andy Weissman of Union Square Ventures, Chris Fralic from First Round Capital, Frank Rimalovski of NYU Tech Ventures, and a Read More

NYU ITP Lean LaunchPad Class 11

First – we’re excited for next week’s lessons learned session – here are the recommendations for both the video and presentation from class 9’s slideshare. Thank you Peter Fusco of Lowenstein Sandler, for braving broken ribs to teach us about the essentials of startup law, having seen 480+ pre Series A companies: (thanks to John Bachir for detailed notes) The benefits of the Delaware-based C Corp: If your company plan Read More

NYU ITP Lean LaunchPad Class 9

Thanks to the and Ghostly founding team – Sam and Miguel for telling their story as it is unfolding. And to Corie Hardee telling us about what it took to get Little Borrowed Dress off the ground, from deconstructing the dress making industry, finding pattern makers, and the value of Net Promoter Score in determining the assortment and style type and finding high quality funders for growth. We’re getting to Read More

NYU ITP Lean LaunchPad Class 8

Thanks so much to our guest speakers – Ben Borodach founder of Hublished and Michal Krasnodebski at Shutterstock. From Ben we learned about the software selling cycle of enterprise, and useful tips for how to A/B test everything, even LinkedIn outreach.Lean From Michal we saw how Shutterstock experiments with new product types to fit key personas, and then brings them into the fold of the main product to generate revenue for the core. Read More

NYU ITP: Lean LaunchPad Class 7

We’re now in development towards MVP mode – all but one team has validated the primary segment and are deep in prototyping, building, and validating. We had Leah Hunter from CCA, Fast Co in to tell us about ethnography methods, and the common ground between Bay Area and NYC startup ecosystems.  

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NYU ITP Lean LaunchPad Class 4

Revenue Models, Distribution Models, revenue workshop. Guest speaker: Phoebe Espiritu.

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NYU ITP Lean LaunchPad Class 1

Intros, overview, and Customer Development the ITP way

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NYU ITP LeanLaunchPad Spring 2014

I’ll be teaching Lean LaunchPad at ITP this spring with Josh Knowles – thanks to all mentors and advisors who have signed up. Still looking for more – local and virtual. We embrace a creative, iterative, and collaborative approach to making things — but launching a product out into the world takes a somewhat different set of skills. How does one make sure people want to use what they make? Read More

Lean LaunchPad Educators Program

I’m at the Lean LaunchPad Educators Program – Steve Blank’s entrepreneurship curriculum delivered to 90+ educators around the world. I’m here thanks to the efforts of NYU to cultivate entrepreneurship across the school, with ITP as a potentially ideal place to adopt the methods. We are all entrepreneurship-leaning educators at the grad and undergrad level, and there are a number of regional accelerators and incubators who teach methods. The best components of Read More