NYU ITP Lean LaunchPad Class 8


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Thanks so much to our guest speakers –

Ben Borodach founder of Hublished and Michal Krasnodebski at Shutterstock.

From Ben we learned about the software selling cycle of enterprise, and useful tips for how to A/B test everything, even LinkedIn outreach.Lean

From Michal we saw how Shutterstock experiments with new product types to fit key personas, and then brings them into the fold of the main product to generate revenue for the core.

Here are the current batch of student team updates:


Sam Slover, Shilpan Bhagat, Max Ma

The team pivoted from a mobile in-store product information app to become “nybl is ‘Consumer Reports’ re-imagined for the Millennial generation” and launched their prototype this week.

Blog overview: http://launching-nybl.tumblr.com/post/81121720774/introducing-nybl

Landing page: http://www.nybl.io/

Demo video: https://vimeo.com/90037176


Sergio A Majluf, Su Hyun Kim, Christina Yugai

The team has pivoted from an online learning discovery tool to a very specific focus – the visual syllabus – and pivoted with a first pass prototype in one week. Their first prototype solves a unique problem for many professors – both traditional and those involved in the flipped classroom approach in Lean Launchpad – how do you capturelearning-along-the way of a syllabus, and encourage student contribution.

Cognitive Toy Box:

Lindsey Jones, Tammy Kwan, and Shun Huang

Cognitive ToyBox develops toys backed by science, bringing cutting edge academic research from the lab, to the marketplace, and to the home. Their first product – a toy that introduces the concept of shape bias. This team of Stern students has made use of ITP to build multiple prototypes, and expand beyond their original form factor.



Rodrigo Derteano, Maximo Sica, Alejandro Puentes, Alon Chitayat

The team is pivoting from a 2 way marketplace connecting traveler insiders to solving the needs of international travelers relocating to a new city. Here is their latest customer discovery class presentation.