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NYU ITP Bodies and Buildings Class 9

The power to transcend paradigms: don’t forget to keep yourself unattached in the arena of paradigms. Preparation for concept development: Now that you  have identified a problem, how will you solve it? Who will your solution address? What levers do you need to pull?      

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NYU ITP Bodies and Buildings Class 7

Bodies and Buildings: April 8 The mindset or paradigm out of which the system – its goals, power structure, rules, its culture-arises. Reading for next week: Pick any of these architectural “facsicles” – they are delicious. Assignment for next week to prepare for final concept presentation: Concept source and exploration: What part of the system of how we care for bodies, or how we make and maintain our buildings, interests Read More

NYU ITP Bodies and Buildings Class 6

Most of the technological interventions in the global environment have focused on the supply side: The availability of land (conservation) The availability of fuel (gas crises, investment in clean tech) The availability of greener products with greener materials (green product development/greenwashing) In this class we focus on the demand side – making buildings so that they demand less from the earth. But to understand the context, we need to know Read More

NYU ITP Bodies and Buildings Class 4

To prepare for next week’s assignment, read: Protecting Patient Privacy: Strategies For Regulating Electronic Health Records Exchange NYCLU, read Part 2 and Conclusion   Bodies and buildings nyu itp 2 25 2013 from Jen van der Meer   Optional: Rekindling the Patient Privacy Debate. When Patients Tell Their Stories, Their Health May Improve. Wit. By Margaret Edson. Dramatists Play Service, Inc., Mar 1, 1999. Prepare a written and spoken argument Read More

NYU ITP: Bodies and Buildings, Class 3

Class assignment for 2/25/2013 Read:  The quantified self, Counting every moment. The Economist, March 3, 2012. Additional videos from Todd Park Todd Park: Opening Data for Social Change Bodies and buildings nyu itp 2 11 2013 from Jen van der Meer Optional: Social fMRI: Investigating and shaping social mechanisms in the real world. Nadav Aharonya, Wei Pana, Cory Ipa, Inas Khayala,b, Alex Pentlanda. Persuasive and Mobile Computing. Vol 7, 2011, 643-659. Read More

NYU ITP Bodies and Buildings Class 2

Systems Thinking and The Obesity Epidemic Bodies and buildings nyu itp 2 4 13 from Jen van der Meer   Class assignment for 2/11/2013 Read: Networked Medicine: From Obesity to the “Diseasome”. Editorial by Albert-László Barabási, Ph.D. NEJM. July 26,2007. Optional: Deeper Reading: Original Study by Christakis and Fowler: The Spread of Obesity in a Large Social Network over 32 Years. NEJM. July 26, 2007. Critique of this study: Lyons. The Spread of Evidence-Poor Medicine via Flawed Social-Network Analysis. Read More

NYU ITP: Bodies and Buildings Intro Class

Class Start and Intro to Systems Thinking, Bodies, and Buildings. Class assignment for 2/4/2013   Read ALL OF Donella Meadows: Leverage Points: Places to Intervene in a System Take leverage points 9, 8, 7. Write a 1 page or 500-6000 word essay on the following topic: How do mobile apps try to affect leverage points 9, 8, and 7. 9- The length of delays, relative to the rate of system change 8- Read More

NYU ITP Bodies and Buildings 2012 Syllabus

Mondays 11:00 – 1:55 at NYU ITP Why is it so hard to care for our planet and ourselves. We seem hungover from a century of prosperity and ingenuity, unable to invent economic models that create jobs, improve health, and restore the earth. Eager ITP students are better equipped than MBAs to envision and hack our way out of this trap, but often lack an understanding of the mega forces Read More

NYU ITP: If Products Could Speak Class 6: Human Health Impacts

Week of March 30 – evaluating human health impacts from environmental warming, resources depletion, and toxicity. Also – starting our reading of Cradle to Cradle.   If Products Could Speak Mar 30 2009 from Jen van der Meer

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Resources for NYU ITP Pitchfest Prep Participants

All art projects, small businesses, collectives, social/eco impact without huge financial growth expectations, and hardware/hardgoods-based businesses that do not leverage the social graph in any way – we love you. And we are creating another series of events for you to help you get your ideas into the world. As for those whose ideas are potential concepts for NY-style VC investors, here are some links for you to prepare: Dave Read More