Jen van der Meer

Designing for Climate Action

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Join me and my students from SVA’s Products of Design Program at Design for Climate Action @svaPoD for an evening of open innovation. Inspire a group of students who have the skills we need to start pushing the right levers of change (systems thinking, design, programming, communications, everything that I should have learned in grad […]

Better by Measure Class at SVA’s Products of Design

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Rebecca Silver and I are evolving our Products of Design experiment. From… teaching sustainable design as a silo… to teaching social, civic, and environmental design into startups and entrepreneurship. Manifesto: Better by Measure: Becoming Better by Measure (Class 1, SVA Products of Design 2014) from Rebecca Silver   Syllabus below: Better by Measure  FALL 2014, […]

LifeCycles and Flows at SVA PoD

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Teaching Lifecycles and Flows with Rebecca Silver at SVA’s Products of Design – product backstories, systems thinking, life cycle assessment. Or, environmental accounting, taught to design students. With stunning results – Here is Emi Yasaka’s assessment of her REI backback  

Products of Design: Lifecycle and Flows

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Happy to be at the inaugural second year for Products of Design at SVA. Following through on a promise many years ago to Allan Chochinov, I’ll be teaching Lifecycle and Flows with Rebecca Silver, and adapting a systems thinking approach to product backstories. Lifecycle and Flows will expose students to the hidden forces behind how consumer objects […]

So, You Need a Letter of Recommendation

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Dear former students and employees. I’d be delighted to write you a letter of recommendation. I’ll need you to do some work first. First – make sure this is not a last-minute exercise. I’ll need a few days for synthesis, and I frequently travel, so make sure you’re giving me a minimum of a week […]