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Will Your Health Business Model Survive?

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Stress-testing your business for a new policy agenda Since the election, US stocks are mostly up. Except hospital stocks. Public hospitals like HCA are worth looking at the stock charts to see how wrong we were about the election – rising high the day before, tanking the day after. Then there are the health insurance […]

Moving Beyond the Post-Election Confusion in Your Company

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An exercise to re-engage and build the future you want to see “I don’t care what you say about this election, our stock price is at an all time high so it can’t be that bad. This administration might be the best thing ever.” said Rogerio, who voted for Gary Johnson, the Libertarian candidate. “How […]

Business Model Myths in the Circular Economy

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Today at 11 EST I’ll be giving an online talk for the virtual Circular Economy “Dif” Festival put on by the Ellen MacCarthur Foundation. What was planned to be a thorough analysis of common business model mis-conceptions has changed in light of recent events. We will discuss: Equitable outcomes. Ray Anderson. Circular economy. Business model myths. […]

Designing for Human Dignity in the New Economy

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Competing Design Philosophies in the Two-Sided Marketplace of Time The Sopranos series was violent. But the most painful scenes for me drew a hyper realistic version of my Northern New Jersey upbringing. There’s that scene in season one, episode three, when Carmela hires her restaurant owner friend Charmaine to do some catering for a fundraiser. […]

Do You Suffer From Value Proposition Confusion?

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A word battle may be increasing your product fail rate “I’m not sure if we’ve fully described the pain points for the patient customer, let’s take another crack at that one,” said the product manager. She was trained as a computer scientist and was practicing a method she recently learned at a “Lean Startup for […]

Business 101.1 NYU ITP: Values, Value Proposition, and The Future of Business

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We recently covered competing value proposition mental models as they relate to The Business Model Canvas and Lean Startup. Business 101.1 class 4 from Jennifer van der Meer We also took a pause to uncover the core motivations, values, and inherent friction in starting a social purpose-driven company. Business 101.1 class 5 from Jennifer van der […]

Lean Validation for Social Impact + Design Entrepreneurs

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There’s something social impact founders and design entrepreneurs have in common  – a shared allergy/yuck factor when asked to make business models. We try to dispel that myth – business modeling as an iterative act of emergent and divergent discovery, pattern association, and everything fun.   Business Model Validation Parsons New School from Jennifer van […]

Business Models and Entrepreneurial Strategy at Parsons The New School for Design

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Excited to teach a revised and redesigned version of Lean at Parsons The New School for Design’s BBA program. Here’s the syllabus: BUSINESS MODELS AND ENTREPRENEURIAL STRATEGY Course Code: PUDM4322 CRN: 7370 | Section: A Instructor: Jen van der Meer   Fall / 2016 Monday / 9:00 AM Location: 6 East 16th Street, Room 1108 Course Description […]

6 Signs the Future Will Not Be Advertised

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Photo Credit: Dragan Steven Spielberg’s 2002 movie Minority Report was for many dark and dystopian. Tom Cruise’s character walks through an invasive screen-lined lobby bombarded by ads. When a camera identifies him with a retinal scan, a dancing 3-D video calls out to him, “John Anderton! You could use a Guinness right about now.” Some […]

Can You Define Your Strategy on One Page?

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Here’s a roundup of one page strategy tools our opinion of which tools work best. The idea of the one page strategy tool has been around since the 1880s when French managers sought to see the world beyond mere financial and accounting metrics. The rise of Business Model Canvas and other tools like it take […]