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Data is Not Oil – Data is Love

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Why do we still keep using the metaphors of the industrial age to describe the opportunities we see? Data is not oil. Data was not formed over millions of years. Data was not extracted from deep underneath the earth’s crust. Data is not derived from the fossilized remains of dead organisms. Notice the words we […]

The Transformative Power of Open Data

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Repost from the Economics and Statistics Administration: New York City – Under Secretary Mark Doms participated in a high level data discussion this morning at the Strata+Hadoop World Conference in New York City. Before an audience of 500 leading technologists and data programmers, Under Secretary Doms talked with host Jennifer van der Meer, Adjunct Professor […]

Government Stats at Strata Hadoop

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Tomorrow I look forward to a fireside chat conversation with Under Secretary of Commerce for Economic Affairs Mark Doms at Strata Hadoop’s Data Driven Business Day. Government Statistics in the Era of Big Data Mark Doms (United States Department of Commerce), Jen van der Meer (Reason Street) 9:25am Wednesday, 10/15/2014 Data-Driven Business Day Location: E […]

Bodies and Buildings Class 3: Health Systems and Open Data

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We mapped the obesity systems of Japan, Mongolia, Korea, Columbia, and the NJ Path Conductors. Last week students not born in the US were surprised that the obesity epidemic “snuck up” on Americans. So students looked at other countries, and those that focused on their home countries were surprised to find the epidemic at its roots. […]

Bodies and Buildings NYU ITP Syllabus for 2014

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Bodies and Buildings Fall 2014 Syllabus NYU ITP Instructor: Jen van der Meer jd1159 at nyu dot edu Mondays 6:30 – 9:25 PM 721 Broadway at Waverly Why is it so hard to care for our planet and ourselves? We seem hungover from a century of prosperity and ingenuity, unable to invent economic models that […]

In Pursuit of A Certain Kind of Startup

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Thanks Alistair Croll – this was fun! 2 Kinds of Startups. In pursuit of the SuperBadAss. At Ignite Strata Hadoop World.  

Two Kinds of Startups: StrataIgnite Talk

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What kind of startup will you be? Merely Badass? Or SuperBadass?

8 Principals for Designing for Dignity in Health Tech

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Thanks all for the great discussion, in real time at StrataRx and on the Twittersphere. Is it enough to design for a great patient experience, improved health outcomes, and overall cost reductions in health care? While incentives may soon change, the idea of data-driven solutions to improve health care is not a new one. Yet […]

Disrupting the Self : The Mindfulness Continuum

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At Startupfest Montreal at the invitation of curator extraordinaire Alistair Croll and his amazing sister Rebecca Croll. Tomorrow’s discussion: Disrupting the Self: Lifelogging, Wearable Computing and Society. I promise a deep, context setting and likely provocative discussion with Dulcie Madden, one of the founders of Rest Devices – who provide “human centered devices that make […]

Best of Strata: Data is Not a Business Model

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Update July 2, 2013: My talk is now available on YouTube:   My talk is being broadcast at an upcoming Webinar brought to you by O’Reilly: Tuesday, July 2, 2013 5 AM San Francisco | 1pm – London | 8am – New York | 10pm – Sydney | 9pm – Tokyo | 8pm – Beijing […]