Bodies and Buildings Class 2: Bodies and the Obesity Epidemic


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Tracking the global 20-30 something at ITP.

No students have a TV.
No students use Foursquare (abandoned), or Swarm (never downloaded) but most still tethered to Facebook.
Half of students have paid money for in game purchases, up to $800 to keep up with virtual friends.
No one is actively wearing a fitness wearable.


For next week:

When developing ideas and concepts for our student projects, and future projects, business ideas, and save-the-world ideas, we often start by designing for ourselves.

For this assignment, research a part of the world at a local level (city, state, province, county) that has a problem with obesity.

In a one page essay, describe the social, cultural, technological, economic, and other conditions of this region that may be contributing to a growth in the prevalence of obesity. Map the system of obesity in this country. What is the one recommendation you would make to government, business, or the citizens of this country to slow the growth of obesity.