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WE Festival: Way Cooler Than Davos

This was how Majora Carter started her talk at the Sustainability Panel this past weekend at the Women’s Entrepreneurship Festival at NYU ITP. Way cooler, because rather than meet with the Davos crowd and pontificate about worldchanging ideas, we were talking about how visionary women were bringing their worldchanging ideas to fruition.The conference was organized by Nancy Hechinger, an ITP professor, Joanne Wilson, the famous GothamGal of NYC, and Diana Rhoten of Startl, an education technology incubator, with Read More

NYU ITP Summer Camp: Makers Make with Better Stuff

Talk at ITP Summer Camp for Makers: ITP Summer Camp 2010: MAKERS KNOW WHAT'S IN YOUR STUFF from Jen van der Meer   Secret tricks for learning about how stuff is made. Be a responsible maker: know where your stuff comes from, who makes it, how it affects the earth and the people that make and use it, how to use it best, and where it should go when it’s Read More

What’s The Eco Impact of an iPad

Op-Chart in the NYTimes on the weekend of the iPad launch – a lifecycle analysis of the iPad, timely for discussing the core element of analysis in LCA – the functional unit. Daniel Goleman, author of Ecological Intelligence and Gregory Norris, LCA software expert at Harvard authored the “chart” comparing e-readers. The authors compared the Kindle, the iPad and a book by determine the functional unit as the reading of Read More

NYU ITP If Products Could Tell Their Stories 2010 Final

Final lecture for If Products Could Tell Their Stories If products could tell their stories april 18 from Jen van der Meer

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NYU ITP: If Products Could Tell Their Stories Class 5 2010

Stakeholder management is an alternative to shareholder-based management, but shareholders are still at the table. In this class we look at the impact of shareholders on how things are made. Review of sources of competitive advantage, limits to growth theories, and emerging alternatives to the current organizational structures available. Social entrepreneurship, Coops, Conscious Capitalism discussed and debated. If Products Could Mar 8 2010 from Jen van der Meer

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Products at the Center

For the rest of this course, 11 students will become obsessed with 11 things. How these things are made. Where they are made. Who makes them. Who consumes them. How people make money of of these things. How these things are marketed. How governments regulate these things. How activists and NGOs advocate to change the way these things are made. The greenhouse gas emissions that result from this thing being Read More

NYU ITP: If Products Could Tell Their Stories Class 4 2010

What role does government and regulation play in determining how stuff is made? Short answer – it depends on local, regional, state, federal, foreign governments, and international organizational administrations. In a stakeholder view of how things are made, regulation is one of the fastest changing, hardest-to-predict forces and as makers, we need to work in advance of legislation, to lead the market. If Products Tell Their Stories March 1 2010 Read More

NYU ITP: If Products Could Tell Their Stories, Class 3 2010

NYU ITP class on life cycle assessment, systems thinking, and stakeholder management. Week 3: In a stakeholder management model, what role to local community groups, activist organizations, workers’ advocacy groups, and other NGOs play in determine how stuff is made? If Products Could Tell Their Stories Feb 8 2010 from Jen van der Meer

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So, You Need a Letter of Recommendation

Dear former students and employees. I’d be delighted to write you a letter of recommendation. I’ll need you to do some work first. First – make sure this is not a last-minute exercise. I’ll need a few days for synthesis, and I frequently travel, so make sure you’re giving me a minimum of a week between request and due date, and note you may still get me in a busy Read More

NYU ITP: If Products Could Tell Their Stories, Second Batch!

Year 2 for the class that investigates how things are made, and how things can use their newfound technological innards to tell us how they got here. If Products Could Jan 25 2010 from Jen van der Meer     Provocation: As creators, know what’s in the stuff you make. As interaction designers, create tools and systems so that we can access product truth.  

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