NYU ITP: Bodies and Buildings, Class 3


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Class assignment for 2/25/2013

Read:  The quantified self, Counting every moment. The Economist, March 3, 2012.
Additional videos from Todd Park

Social fMRI: Investigating and shaping social mechanisms in the real world. Nadav Aharonya, Wei Pana, Cory Ipa, Inas Khayala,b, Alex Pentlanda. Persuasive and Mobile Computing. Vol 7, 2011, 643-659.
Chapter 6: Patient Facing Software


Write a one page essay to be presented in class. Do you find the quantified self movement appealing? Give examples of how you would imagine using data to monitor your own health, or the health of someone you care for.

You will be asked to present your work, so practice rehearsing your in class presentation at least two times.