NYU ITP Bodies and Buildings Class 4


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To prepare for next week’s assignment, read:
Protecting Patient Privacy: Strategies For Regulating Electronic Health Records Exchange NYCLU, read Part 2 and Conclusion



Rekindling the Patient Privacy Debate.
When Patients Tell Their Stories, Their Health May Improve.
Wit. By Margaret Edson. Dramatists Play Service, Inc., Mar 1, 1999.

Prepare a written and spoken argument (2 pages, 5 minutes) clearly outlining your position on the topic of open data and patient empowerment. Do you feel that patients should own their own data? Do you feel that people should be uniquely identified in an electronic health system? What are the for and arguments against?

This is taken from the Op-Ed structure. (From the Op-Ed Project)


1. Introduce from the context of the current discussion (LEDE)
2. State your thesis argument – what do you believe
3. Provide three relevant examples proving your point (evidence point one, evidence point two, then conclusion)
4. “To be sure” Provide the counterpoint, then argue against the counterpoint.
5. Conclude with a recommended action.