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Demystifying Access to Capital for Underrepresented Founders

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Venture Well 2021 virtual edition I usually can’t attend because it conflicts with Spring Break, but I’m ever grateful to the foundation that supported my early training in Lean Launchpad. Returning to give a talk with my co-director Neyda Martinez at The Impact Entrepreneurship Initiative at The New School. Excellent conversations about access to capital […]

Co-creating values aligned agreements with founders for impact investing

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Schwartz, S. H. (2012). An Overview of the Schwartz Theory of Basic Values. Online Readings in Psychology and Culture, 2, 1. 2020 was the year we all became suddenly aware of the interconnectedness of our global challenges. The COVID-19 pandemic revealed how climate change, health disparities, racial discrimination, housing injustice, population displacement, and other factors all act […]

Connected Things Business Models: Zipline Medical Logistics

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Medical Logistics Zipline is a medical product delivery company that is changing the way medical supplies are delivered throughout the world Founded Before Zipline, the was founded in 2011 by Keller Rinaudo, initially under the business name Romotive which was a robotic toy controlled by an iPhone. Romotive continued production of the toy through 2014 […]

Tech Titans for Busy People Amazon Alphabet Q Reports

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If You Blink You Might Miss the Tech Titans Spoiler alert: Bezos moves up to Executive Chairman and on to colonize space. Of course they had a blow-out quarter, all of their business models firing on all cylinders. Bezos goes out claiming victory in normalcy and yawns. In comparison, Alphabet pulls off a fine quarter […]

Tech Titans for Busy People Apple Facebook Q Reports

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If You Blink You Might Miss the Tech Titans Cook spoke of social justice and supporting black entrepreneurs with cash. Zuckerberg tweaked the mission. But the real story is the massive revenue spikes in both companies who reported record breaking quarters.

Tech Giants for Busy People 3Q2020

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Who has time to follow the financial news of the Tech Giants? I do! It’s a hobby of mine. And they’ve made it so easy- all 4 of the GAFA brigade reported their earnings just a few hours ago. Despite congressional inquiries, antitrust lawsuits, and fears that these companies are destroying democracy we can’t seem […]

Data Talismans

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We Worship at the Altar of Data Talismans When you are a willing contributor to a connected world and when are you the raw material? It’s not so binary. Here are the many ways to classify the objects that encourage us to give up our data. The best access point to understand the murky and […]

Are Business Models Changing Our Relationships?

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Now over at Substack for the latest Noticing how digital business models, in particular, are mediating all of my interactions now that all interactions are mediated by digital interfaces. Hi, I’m Jen, and I design business models. I am a teacher and consultant and I help people understand how their organizations make money. That’s been […]

Facebook Business Model Teardown

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Image credit: Morning Brew on Unsplash Facebook Flywheel Timeline Business Model Tear Down Facebook seems more complicated than it is. Of all of the Tech Titans, Facebook has the simplest business model. Business model innovation can be understood as a factor of three physical forces: waves, flywheels, and business models themselves. Facebook Flywheel 1 – […]

Netflix Flywheel Business Model Teardown

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Netflix Flywheel Timeline Business Model Tear Down It’s hard to understand how tech giant business models work. We give companies like Netflix simple stories like “subscription” and leave it at that. Netflix indeed is one of the simplest of the top 10 tech companies in terms of having an open and fairly transparent business model. […]