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Earth Day and Understanding What Cannot Be Understood

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This pandemic is not what we imagined. Perhaps you wished for clear blue waters in the canals of Venice, carless streets in NYC, clear skies and low pollution in LA, Mumbai, and Shanghai. But not this way, caused by an invisible virus. As I walk the empty perfect streets of NYC, I’m reminded of one […]

How I’ve Changed My Mind

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What have you changed your mind about? I’m noticing that I’m questioning my assumptions about people and places as this crisis reaches peak week, we hope, in New York. I’m noticing people, or places, or jobs, sectors and systems that I am considering in an entirely new light. Some of my long-held beliefs are changing. […]

Straight Lines and S-Curves: Predicting COVID-19

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We’re all peeled to our digital screens right now checking in on the world, our families, our colleagues, and then trying to predict what all of that means for our selves. What I’ve noticed are fights breaking out based on what comes down to math and mental models. It’s curves vs. lines. I know I’ve […]

Decoding the Dominant Logic

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Business Models are often blamed for limiting what we want our organizations to become. The reason: dominant logic. Learn how to decode the mental models that keep us trapped. Clayton Christiansen, the late father of disruption theory, concisely defined the conventional wisdom about business model transitions. The reason why it’s so hard to innovate from […]

Circular Startups that Begin with the Business Model

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Circular Models: How European Startups are Shaping the Future of the Circular Economy, Business-Model-First. Next week’s Supply Chain Meetup in NYC is focused on Circular Economy ventures, and I’ll be introducing leading-edge circular startups that I’ve met and interacted with across the EU. While NYC’s startup ecosystem leads in many sectors, we’re a bit […]

Tech Giants: Facebook 2019

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Facebook is getting a bad rap but it’s crucial to note that despite bad press revenue continues to wildly outpace growth, and analysts see up-and-to-the right odds for the foreseeable future. On the downside, costs are going up as Facebook attempts to reign in the bad actors, and their alternative business models have never flourished. […]

Tech Giants: Apple 2019

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Apple Results. Tech Giant Earnings for Very Busy People. Apple, Facebook, Amazon and Alphabet (Google) all report within a quick week their 2019 yearly results. The headline: overall media sentiment does not align with actual results. First up: Apple: Apple’s big business model pivot to software and services taking longer than expected – it was […]

Healthy Materials: Waste and Circular Economies at Healthy Materials Symposium

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This deeply inspiring group of humans approach circular economies and waste with a combination of no-nonsense Nordic-ness and dreamy design. This is the now of sustainable design: Waste & Circular Economies Kate Daly, Executive Director, Center for the Circular Economy at Closed Loop Partners Lasse Lind, Architect, Partner, Head of Consulting, GXN Seetal Solanki, Founder […]

Tech Giant Acquisitions

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Amazon, Facebook, and Alphabet Acquisitions! Each tech giant moves with different strategies as they scoop up rivals, talent, and make big moves.   Key takeaways: Apple looks for value and high signal steps Google and Facebook scoop up many tiny companies for talent and also to prevent rivals Google and Facebook have slowed their acquisitions […]